About Tim……

Tim is happily married to his wonderful wife Alisa and they have just celebrated their 36th anniversary! Tim and Alisa have 3 beautiful daughters all of which are married! They are so blessed to have a wonderful family that is growing all the time, showing them more each day why what he does is so important as their personal family portraits become more valuable every day……

We have 3 fantastic grandbabies…Wow, life is good!

Tim first opened his studio in 1984 and has had the pleasure of portraying Nashville’s families, businesses and their events for over 34 years now!

He truly does love creating heirlooms for his clients that he knows will one day be one of their most treasured possessions to be handed down for years to come.

Tim does a wide range of photography as do most in this industry, but his specialty has always been portraiture of children, families, business executives and head shots.

Please feel free to call Tim with any questions you might have and he will be most happy to help any way he can!